Just Dance is widely popular around the world because of its unique features and amazing modes. In the section you will come to know about the different modes that were used in the game. In this way, it will becomes easy for you to earn lot of coins and points for the game which is used later on for your next and higher level. With the aid of Just Dance Hack you can easily collect infinite coins which were used by the later on by the player.

Basically there are two types of dance modes are there in the following game

  • Solothe particular mode helps the player to dance alone. Here only a single player can learn and perform the entire dance forms.
  • Duet- in the following mode up to two or more player can match up for the same moves or in short dance together.
  • Dance crew- in this mode up to four player can dance together.

Other modes

Moreover in dance Mash ups, you can combine with different players and also on distinct songs to dance together. Also there are many modes which will insist you to move your steps up and down along with your partner. It is not necessary that you had to dance with your partner only as you can also dance alone. The purpose of the game is dance more and more with fun so that it not only make you perfect in dance but also relaxes your mind and soul.  Some of them are speed shuffle, non-stop shuffle and many more. You had to search on the right side of the screen where the mode option is available. Also you can change it whenever you want to try some other dance forms or step.