Hide online is a game which is played by the multiplayer where you can play as the format of a hunter or by the props.  The game is quite interesting as here you had to play either as a prop or a hunter. If you are playing a hunter, then the aim of the player is to shoot the props to achieve all the valuable currencies of the game. Whereas if you are playing as a prop or in other words, you can call props as an object, then the objective and the aim of the player is to survive till the match does not get ends.

Hide at best place

You had to hide when you are using the props; in other words, you had to defend from the enemies who are against in the game.  It is quite amazing to play as a hunter or as a prop and if you are not getting that you can find every detail in the guide book. One can also use the help option if you are not getting about how to play as a hunter or as props. One can do free purchases by the use of Hide Online Cheats and also you will get to know more about the tips and guides which you should take before playing as props.

About the gameplay of the game

In the following game, you are either playing as a hunter or as a prop. The aim of the hunter is to find the prop where they are hiding for their survival. As the aim of the prop is to hide them till the end and also they had to fight for their survival. Whereas while talking about the hunter, their aim is quite simple as they had to find the prop and destroy them. The more they were able to find the props and kill them, the more easily they will get the points in the form of currency which can be used in the game later on.