Mafia City is the most liked and playable game among all other strategy based games. It is recently launched by YottaGames, and the size of the game is 60 MB. Gamers can download the game from the Play Store if they are an Android user and from Apple Stores if they are IOS user. The game is available for IOS and Android platforms at their stores. One can also get the game easily by going to any gaming site and downloading the apk of Mafia City.

It is vital for the players to know all the basics of the game properly before going to start playing it. The more and more properly and accurately they understand the basics of Mafia City, the more easily they able to run it without facing any problem. Below in the post, some basics of Mafia City described which all users and players must know.

Starting of the game

Well, in the starting of the game gamers have to pay more attention towards the troops, buildings, enemies, leader, things, and buildings also. In the beginning, users only have to complete more and more chapter and objectives to move further in the game. The given below are some important process which one must perform in the starting of the game –

  • Firstly, players have to check their quest and then play the game according to it.
  • After then one must upgrade their buildings and troops to enhance the production of resources, work speed, and power, etc.
  • Then one should train their troops and upgrade them regularly after every chapter as to unlock more and new high-level troops.
  • Users and players have to attack and defeat more and more enemies.
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Conclusive words

In a nutshell, playing the game after knowing all the basics of the game is the best and simple method. After knowing all the basics properly, one can easily complete and perform all the achievements, objectives and events in Mafia City properly. So, one should do more focus to the basics and understand them properly to run Mafia City easily.