In the era of digitalization, many games are available online. So today I tell about the most popular game Fun Run 3. It is developed by a very famous studio Dirtybit Arcade. This game joined by 100 million people all around the world. The Fun run 3 is best online game ever. It is the running game with even more action. The game is back with the third chapter. Before the third chapter, they launched fun run and fun run 2. In the many challenges are available with good features. This game is available on both Android and IOS devices.


Then Fun run three was launched on 30th, 2016 official. The dirtybit was the first company to have success with a real-time multiplayer mobile game. The company was founded in 2011. It is a massively multiplayer running game for mobile platforms. The fun run 3 from the name you think that it is a lot of fun and challenges. It is available for free of cost. Whose people are interesting to play race game with so much fun? So it is the game best platform for that people. The category of this game is the racing game. It is the best game for the children’s. Because the main game character is so cute as a cartoon.

What about other things?

You also play this game with your friends. When your friends link the Facebook with the game and you also at the time you link with your friend on this game. Via the game, you both send challenges to each other. It is the arena fame play means where eight players fight against elimination in an addicting game mode. At last win only fastest three players. The winning players take many rewards. In run with your clan buddies and also participate in the multiplayer’s tournament with friends and other online players.

The fun run 3 is the best game to play with your friends online. It is also the best way to connect with your friends. For dress-up the avatar huge of fashionable accessories are available. Many7 types of accessories like hats, boots, sunglasses and more things are available in the game. It is one of the coolest racing game. The currency is the most important part of this game, so you can get more with Fun Run 3 Cheats. When you win the race, you will receive the rewards as coins and much more things. So it is the game to play with your friends and make new friends.